Book keeping & Accounting

Summate has a good record of delivering book keeping services to all kind of businesses. Summate's outsourcing services are mainly focusing those customers who really needs to avoid complication in their accounts.
Summate has a team of professionals with high accounting knowledge to offer bookkeeping and accounting services for Companies, Firms and individuals.

Accounting is very important in running any business efficiently

Our consultancy service includes :-

Book Keeping

  1. Classifying the transactions into meaningful
  2. Posting transactions in the books of business.
  3. Summarizing the data.


  1. Accounting System set up.
  2. Adopt suitable accounting policies and Standards
  3. Preparation and Finalization of Accounts.
  4. Accounting advise.
  5. Summarizing the data and to assist in decision making.
  6. Staff Training Programme.
  7. etc.